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MicroLaser Peel


What Conditions Does it Treat? 

  • Deep Wrinkles

  • Sun Damage

  • Scars

  • Poor Skin Tone/Texture


How does a Micro Laser Peel Work?

This treatment safely removes a layer of skin to  a depth determined by your technician. The depth of the treatment will depend on the skin condition, your desired outcome, and expectations for downtime. Treating skin with a laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, which improves the skin's thickness and resilience. The skin's surface will also re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, which will give your skin a younger rejuvenated glow.

If you are curious about the process of the treatment check out our short clip of the procedure done in our very own med spa!

For more questions please give us a call for a complimentary consultation.

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